Engineering solutions

The company offers advanced engineering solutions throughout all stages of the production process; from product specification, development completion, prototype production, and until the implementation of mass production.

Electronic packaging design according to customer specification or model.

Redesigning existing products for the purpose of price reduction/improvement.

Product engineering and manufacturing support.

Providing technical support to company’s customers.

Exposure to a wide range of products, designs and improvements contributed to the process of gaining extensive knowledge and currently, the Department of Engineering is able to provide solutions and support regarding any problem

Electronic packaging - the planning stage

Product specification & support,Redesigning existing products,Reduction & Improvement,Technological solutions,Prototyping,Resolving issues

Production efficiency

Aaron Yosef Department of Engineering is constantly praised by many customers for its contribution and involvement in all stages of the manufacturing process, as well as for improving a substantial amount of products in various industries.

Aharon Yosef

Aharon yosef is a leading electronics packaging manufacturer, offering a complete range of electronics packaging solutions: from design and engineering, to manufacture, assembly and enclosure In-house production: The entire range of our manufacture services is conducted in-house in our modern 15000 production facility, which gives us total control of the production process.

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22 HA'AMAL ST. POB 202 Gan Yavne


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